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Lemonade Energy Drink Mix Blend (CBD + CBG)


25mgs of Total Active Cannabinoids per stick (20mg CBD + 5mg CBG)

A tailor-made Cannabinoid Lemonade Energy Drink Mix powder formulated to target long lasting energy and focus without the jitters of energy drinks or multiple cups of coffee.   1UP Drink Mix utilizes Micro Encapsulated CBD + CBG Powder for Maximum Bioavaiblility. To further increase function we infuse this innovated product with energy bosting Functional Terpenes Limone + Pinene, and proven Nootropics Caffeine + Theanine.

  • Gluten Free
  • Lemonade Flavor


Key Ingredients

Micro Encapsulated Cannabidiol (CBD) + Cannabigerol (CBG) | Caffeine 150mg | Theanine 100mg | Limonene | Pinene


Mix powder into 16oz of water and enjoy

1UP Drink Mix is 100% THC free and non-Psychoactive

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