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Rapid Freeze Spray Aerosol Spray (CBD + CBG)

350mg Total Cannabinoids (300CBD + 50CBG)

Elevating Cannabinoid Topicals with an easy to apply delivery method.. Rapid Freese Aerosol Spray.  With the addition of a CBG Boost into our Broad Spectrum CBD Freeze formula we have created an effective Nano Cannabinoid Topical. Apply the spray to inflamed or painful muscles.  The spray includes a blend of Menthol Cooling Relief + Functional Essential Oil.


Key Ingredients:

Liposomal Nano Cannabidiol (CBD) + Cannabigerol (CBG) | Menthol 10% | Copaiba | Camphor | Target Essential Oil Blend

Other Ingredients:

IPA | Liposomal | Nano Cannabindiol | Liposomal Nano Cannabigerol | Distilled Wate | Menthol | Frankincense Essential Oil | Cpaiba | Wintergreen Oil | Camphor | Propenediol


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First use press firmly down on spray nozzle to break tamper seal. Spray on desired area for 1-2 seconds. Wait 5 minutes to feel effects before applying more.

Store in a cool dry place.